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GU Series 4 Snorkel & 4.8 Pod Airbox Combo with Stainless Piping

$2,700 Excl. GST


    • All of our snorkels are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel
    • All of our snorkels are seamless welded (no welds through out the snorkel giving you a mandrel bent look)
    • Recessed into guard to follow all the body pillar angles and alignments
    • Our snorkels come as a DIY kit complete with instructions, guard cutout template, rubber pinchweld, polyurethane flexi hose, 300mm stainless tube, silicone bend and stainless hose clamps.
    • Plumbs up to the original Airbox or our custom airboxes
  •           Different JMAX sticker colours available



    • This Airbox has been designed with 3 key things in mind maximum airflow, filtration and offroad water resistance. This box has the highest flow rate out of all our patrol airboxes with a huge 601.2 Cfm rating
    • Includes Stainless intake piping
    • Aluminium construction
    • Bolts up to the original airbox mounting holes ( Additional cutting is required from inner guard to engine bay to make room for the 4” inlet . Original airbox inlet is  3.5′
    • Designed to fit with dual battery systems
    • 100% water sealed
    • Clear inspection lid and stainless pressure plate
    • Comes with a highflow K&N pod filter
    • Automatic water drainage system
    • Stainless intake turbo pipes are available for this box find on our online shop. If the pipe to suit your vehicle is not  on our website please contact us
    • For more details feel free to contact our friendly staff on 1300 562 932
  • Please note this kit is only suitable for GU 4.8 Engine variant


Note: Due to the custom nature of our work our estimated wait time is currently around 11th July, 2024 (business days) from the date of order.