Rim Repair

Steel Rim Repair in Melbourne

Through metal fabrication, Jmax Engineering is helping businesses find solutions to problems big and small. Expert metalwork can create any conceivable component from the fabrication machines. Using laser cutters, dies and other sophisticated equipment, the metal fabrication team at Jmax is pushing the envelope of what is possible for metalworking.

They can create custom-made parts from raw metal- folding, cutting and shaping the steel into exactly the shape it needs to be. Our team is dedicated to satisfying the needs of our customers, giving them precisely what they are looking for and helping them to realise their visions for their business.

Metal fabrication at Jmax Engineering is completely custom. There are no prefabricated parts and no copycat designs. We make everything from scratch and ensure our final products are durable and that they adhere to international standards of excellence.

Repair Services for Steel Rims

If you need rim welding or rim repair, then our team can handle it for you. Over time, the rims on cars and 4WDs can become bent, corroded or damaged. Rims are often the first part of the car to become damaged in a sideswipe, and when a tyre goes flat, the rim can bend and warp as the driver continues to drive on the flat.

Your rim helps hold the tyre in place and gives your vehicle aesthetic appeal. Whenever your rims become damaged, you should contact us to repair them for you. We offer the rim repair Melbourne trusts.

Our work is guaranteed to meet your specifications. We can straighten bent rims and restore corroded ones. Our team is so good, you may not have to replace your entire rim. We can work with the materials you bring us and ensure that your rim looks as good as new when we are finished, in many cases.

For the steel rim repair Melbourne counts on, contact Jmax Engineering. Our team of experienced and dedicated specialists can fabricate new components for your rims. You don’t have to toss your entire rim, and we know that’s going to make a lot of customers very happy, since many of them have custom rims on their cars and 4WDs. Let our team assess your rim damage for you. We will give you a free estimate and quickly effect repairs so that you can get back on the road. Contact us today to keep your car driving safely.