Custom-Made Snorkels for Four Wheel Drives

Jmax Engineering provides metal fabrication services, crafting high quality, custom equipment for a variety of applications. These are machines and components that are meant to work in the toughest of environments.

We take raw metal and forge it into exactly what the customer requires, meeting their specific needs and giving them a unique fabrication they cannot find anywhere else. This requires that we cut sheets of metal using torches and band saws and then form the metal with dies. The Jmax fab shop produces countless new and individualized pieces each year, serving as an invaluable resource for companies in many different industries.

Steel Snorkels for Melbourne

The most steel snorkels from Jmax Engineering are the ones that Melbourne residents count on. These are crafted to the highest possible standards and are created for every kind of popular 4WD found in Australia.

The durable UV-stable snorkels are made from cross-linked polyethylene, which allows them to create an uninterrupted air supply that is cooler than it normally would be. That improves engine performance considerably, boosting gas efficiency and saving you money.

The custom snorkels Melbourne drivers can buy from us are second to none. A lot of people request custom snorkels for their four wheel drives in order to give them the ability to cross rivers or to navigate dusty deserts. If the fittings are not completely sealed, water can come in and flood the engine during water crossings. That’s why they are carefully sealed to allow for off-road driving.

Our expert craftsmanship allows us to guarantee superior engine performance and snorkel durability. Jmax Engineering can create the snorkels Melbourne drivers need for their fourbies, perfectly crafting the components for a flawless seal and exceptional airflow.

We also equip air rams with water separators that are very effective at taking rain water out of the air stream. That means a safer engine, even when the rain is coming down in torrential sheets. All air rams are fitted with this safety measure.

Our air rams, working with the snorkels and engines, are able to be rotated into any desired position. Rotating an air ram can protect it from prevailing winds and snowfall. That makes our fabricated rams perfect for travel in areas where there is heavy snowfall. Our air rams keep the snow out and ensure that the air intake is not clogged by snow build-up.