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Y62 5″ FATBOY Snorkel & Twinpod Airbox Combo

$3,400 Excl. GST

➰ Nissan Patrol Y62  5″ FATBOY Snorkel & Highflow Twin Pod Airbox Combo ➰

Another 5″ Snorkel added to the JMAX FATBOY Range! Using only the highest quality 316 marine grade stainless, you’re premium 5″ snorkel is highly durable and corrosion resistant.

The Y62 Twin Pod Airbox, a prominent trademark design range, originally conceptualised and developed by our esteemed team at JMAX Engineering in 2017, offers several advantages for the VDJ79 Landcruiser. Its dual intake pods provide increased airflow to the engine, resulting in improved horsepower and torque. Additionally, the design ensures efficient filtration of air, minimising the risk of engine damage caused by dust and debris.


  • 5″ 316 marine grade stainless steel
  • Designed to plumb to Twin Pod JMAX Airbox
  • Current style available: Standard Over Roof and Low Cut
  • All our snorkels are Seamless welded ( no welds through out the snorkel giving you a mandrel bent look )
  • Recessed into guard to follow all the body pillar angles and alignments
  • Our snorkels come as a DIY kit complete with snorkel instructions/ Digital printed Guard cutout template/ Rubber pinchweld/Polyurethane flexi hose and stainless hose clamps
  • Different JMAX sticker colours available



⭐️ This Twin Pod Airbox range is to date our most Unique and and most popular Airbox on the market!

⭐️ The Twin Highflow K&N pod filters and 4” intake and outlet box will give your vehicle the free flowing filtration it deserves while maintaining a filtration as good as standard

⭐️ The clear inspection lid makes it easier and faster to view your filters for dust maintenance while on the run without having to open the box

⭐️ 100% Water Sealed and includes a one water water drainage system in the case any water were to enter the airbox via the snorkel

⭐️ Includes silicone and all material fittings required to plumb and install


(((((( More info on the High~flow Twin Pod Airbox )))))

? Automatic self draining water valve

? Easy fitment using pre existing bolt holes and mounts

? Stainless steel fixings with rubber o-ring seals


For any further information or details feel free to contact our friendly staff on
? 1300 562 932

Note: Due to the custom nature of our work our estimated wait time is currently around 19th July, 2024 (business days) from the date of order.